About Us

Founded in 2014, Sanrocks Global Fashions is an exclusive online store for traditional sarees from the eastern part of India.  Each of our sarees is handcrafted by artisans who weave their magic and bring out the rich cultural heritage of the region, passed down through generations in the weaving communities.

Sanrocks is an initiative by Sanchita Mitra who considers it her responsibility to ensure that the hard work of the artisan-weavers is well rewarded by sourcing the sarees directly from them and making these sarees available to people globally.

An erstwhile Gladrags Mrs. India World Finalist, fashion has always been Sanchita’s first love and that ensures that the idea behind each design and the skill behind each weave of her sarees is experienced and transmitted as pure joy to every saree connoisseur. Apart from curating sarees, Sanchita is a social entrepreneur, a fitness enthusiast & an impassioned adventurer all rolled into one.

Sanchita is also a travel and fashion writer and often documents her travels across the length and breadth of the country that she undertakes to handpick sarees directly from the weavers.