Bengal Tant

Date Created: Aug 8, 2017
Bengal Tant

The Tant Saree is a traditional style of Bengal saree. These are woven in cotton threads, and are light in weight with a bit of sheer factor. Tant saree is manufactured by weavers across West Bengal in India and in Bangladesh. Places around Hooghly district of West Bengal and Tangail in Bangladesh are the hotspots of Tant Saree weaving.

It was during the Mughal ear when Tant actually flourished. It became so famous around the British rule that the British government tried to minimize its production to save their textile industry. After the end of British rule in India, many skilled weavers continued weaving this style of saree and today, Tant sarees are one of the most popular styles of Bengal sarees.

Talking about the weaving style, the cotton thread is intricately woven into a Tant Saree by expert craftsmen. The borders are woven a little thick, making it less resistant to getting worn out. Traditionally, handlooms were used by the weavers to create these sarees, but now it has been largely replaced by power looms. A Tant Saree is 6 meter long and not 5.5 meter like the usual standard saree length.

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