Murshidabad Silk

Date Created: Aug 8, 2017
Murshidabad Silk

Murshidabad is often referred to as the ‘Silk Mecca’ of East India. It is a city ingrained in the culture of silk and everything related to sericulture to weaving and printing takes place in the city itself. The city also boasts of a Centre of Sericulture Research and Training Institute that educates the silk weavers, to produce the finest quality of silk and thus uplift the silk industry.

Murshidabad’s association with the silk industry dates back to the times of the English East India Company, which witnessed the emergence of two English factories to spruce up the production of silk as there was a growing demand in England owing to the cheaper prices and superior quality of the material in India.

Today, Murshidabad continues to be home to some of the important silk weaving clusters in West Bengal producing fine silk sarees. The silk sarees from Murshidabad are very fine, light-weight and easy to drape. They are adorned with a variety of printed designs, both modern and traditional, and are good for formal as well as casual wear.

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